Fiendish Kebabs

Matt Horrors

Fiendish Kebabs

Fiendish Kebabs is my first book of rhymes. It contains 116 pages of the most disgusting, terrifying and downright inappropriate poems that have ever been written. Publishers and Literary Agents have been literally falling over themselves to send me regret letters and not return my calls.

With such classics as The Dirty Duke of Puke, Horrific Squirting Poo and Fartworld this book is destined to become the worlds first book to go viral.

In a time where children read less and less our only hope to encourage them to catch the reading bug is to deliver short, sharp jolts of something different. A book they can quickly pick up and let their imagination take them somewhere.. I mean it's likely that the somewhere in question is somewhere disgusting and or horrifying but hey it's better than sitting in front of an i-pad all night.   

This isn't just a self published book of bad rhymes by an anonymous unpublished author. It's an opportunity to help children everywhere re-discover reading as a past-time and for them to develop their imagination through being scared witless.

Together we can change the world.

Much love