About Matt Horrors

Matt Horrors

About Matt Horrors

I have spent the last 27 years in anonymity. Operating within the Street Art world under a number of different personas. The ability to achieve a decent level of success under the noses of an entirely unaware circle of friends and family has always appealed to me. The downside being no-one ever really knows the truth.  

I've always felt an urge to be creative even from an early age and it was only by chance that I bumped into the person who would introduce me to the world of Street Art. Having spent what feels like a lifetime supporting others success. I now feel like I have accomplished everything I can and the time is right to move on.

Poetry has always intrigued me, being able to tell a compelling story restricted by the number of words you can use while making it rhyme has been a skill I have always admired. From Dr Seuss to Roald Dahl to Pam Ayres..

I also believe the Childrens Literary world to be similar to the toffee nosed, half witted Art world that I encountered (& conquered) in my previous career. Thus I have decided to embark on a project that combines my limited writing ability with my inability to keep climbing ladders in the middle of the night. 

My ultimate goal is to change the Childrens Literary world forever... I'll let history decide whether that's in a good way or a bad way.